Meet Maddy

Maddy is an amazing 8 year old little girl. She loves anything pink and sparkly, makeup, my little pony, school, softball, football, and cheerleading. She has a little sister who she loves dearly and two parents that adore both of them. She is a social butterfly and loves to be around people. Her smile can light up a room. She also has this thing called leukemia. She refuses to let it define her. She already kicked "Lou's" booty once and he decided to come back again after 13 months off treatment. But this time Maddy has told"Lou" (in her best singing voice)....."We are never EVER getting back together".

Support Page : Team Maddyi

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Meet Payton

Meet Payton. This is no ordinary 8 year old. This girl….this girl right here is a brand-new FIVE year survivor of AML (Leukemia) as of October 8th, 2013! Diagnosed two months after her 3rd birthday, Payton fought hard to get through her countless treatments at SUNY in Syracuse and is now considered in remission. Payton is from my hometown of Taberg-NY and when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, I learned of Payton’s fight and she instantly became a beacon of HOPE for us to follow. When she came to my farm for photos she was every bit the picture of health….she was glowing! But don’t get the wrong idea. This girl is not normally in fancy dresses. Payton plays hockey… and she’s really good at it! When I asked
her what position she played she instantly said, “Defense!” My kind of girl! Payton loves baseball and the color orange (may have something to do with NY’s college team, The Syracuse Orangemen…Go Orange!) and when she is not playing hockey she loves to go camping, and play with her brother and sister. Keep on rocking, Payton! You are our little hometown beacon of HOPE and now you can help shine your light for many more to see and follow!

Hope Session by : KellyAnnePhotography

Meet Rosie

Rosie has Neurofibromatosis or NF1 a genetic disorder that attacks the body’s nerves with tumors and the reason she has an inoperable brain tumor; it's called a Hypothalamic/Chiasm Optic Glioma—Diagnosed 9-7-2007. She also has Bilateral Optic Nerve Gliomas and Bilateral Optic Nerve Atrophy. At the same time she was diagnosed with brain cancer, she was also diagnosed with a second life threatening condition called Acquired Obstructive Hydrocephalus. She has a VP Shunt an internal catheter to drain built-up brain fluid from her brain. She has had 142 doses of chemo, five different kinds, 3 different protocols, 19 surgeries, approx. 40 overnight stays in the hospital, at least 27 ER visits, over 1800 shots and hundreds more pokes and the list goes on and on. Her tumor is stable, then will grow, the stable then grow, the stable. She had tumor growth a year ago, but the tumor just stopped before we were going to start chemo again (medically unexplainable) so she has been off chemo for two years!! It’s has been six year now since her diagnoses. It's been a crazy ride, one that will never end for Rosie. She sees 15 different specialists who manage her many different conditions and rare complications. Due to the main tumors location, she also has Central Precocious Puberty, Pituitary Gigantism, issues with her heart, extreme hypertension, neurofibroma (small tumors) on her body and more. She is often teaching her doctors because they just have never seen a case like Rosie's before. Rosie is not on chemo right now, but she still spends a huge amount of time at the hospital depending on the month and cycle of appointments; we travel downtown Chicago anywhere from 2-8 times a month. Rosie is an amazing kid, despite all she faces and goes through, knowing there is no cure, she fights everyday, but not just for herself, but for all kids with medical issues, NF, brain tumors and pediatric cancer. She started her own organization called Rosie's Toy Box were she collects new toys for hospitalized kids. She dresses up as a blood drop and volunteers her time at blood drives. She publicly speaks at local high schools and motivates the kids to get involved. She got 150 High School students to shave their heads with her this year and raised $18,000 doing it. But that's nothing, she has raised well over $325,000 for her favorite charities and is Chicago Dance Marathons number one individual fundraiser 5 years in a row and can't be beat!! We have hope, we have faith and we have love in our lives. We live one day at a time and enjoy each moment!! We don't know how long Rosie will be with us, but she is making her mark while she is here!! :) Thank you for your consideration.

Rosie's support page :

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Meet Nate

Nate was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) and age 3. He endured three and a half years of chemo, surgeries, hospital stays and ER visits. He is currently four years off chemo. At the five year mark, he will be considered "cured" although the fear of relapse, is never far away. Nate believes that his favorite animal, the owl, got him through treatment so he wanted to incorporate that into his session.

Nate's support page:\visit\ natewilkos

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Meet Brady

Brady is an energetic four-year-old who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in August 2012. We got to spend a super fun morning at Fenway Park, and Brady even got to run the bases! Aside from the Red Sox, Brady also loves trains (CSX ones, to be specific. Go big, or go home, right?), John Deere, Mickey Mouse, and the New England Patriots.

In the last year, Brady has undergone six cycles of chemo, several MIBG scans, CT scans, bone marrow biopsies and received multiple blood & platelet transfusions. There have also been several inpatient stays due to fever and neutropenia. The tumor and his left adrenal gland were been removed on 11/29/2012. Several tests and scans were complete in January in preparation for Stem Cell Transplant. However, the MIBG scan at that time showed 4 spots remained on his bone (1 on each thigh, 1 on the right lower leg & another on the left upper arm). We were advised that it is best to go into stem cell transplant with the least amount of Neuroblastoma. His doctors decided the next best step was MIBG therapy (basically radiation that is injected into his central line and only targets the Neuroblastoma). MIBG therapy was complete in January 2013. In March 2013, he underwent aStem Cell Transplant which involved high dose chemo and an impatient stay of approximately 4 weeks; he received his transplant on 3/19/2013. He completed 12 sessions of radiation therapy (last session was on 5/14/2013). His most recent bone marrow biopsy in June came back negative for Neuroblastoma! MIBG scans post MIBG therapy and in May showed only 3 of the 4 spots remained on his bone. On 6/17/2013 he began ch14.18 Antibody Therapy. He completed 100 days of isolation post stem cell transplant on 6/27/2013. The most recent MIBG scan was clear! He is finishing up antibody therapy and will have end of protocol scans during the first week of December.

Brady's fighter page : Brady's Mission

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Meet Emily

Emily was diagnosed with PreB ALL on Feb 8, 2012, when she was 21 months old. Because the cancer had spread to her spinal fluid by the time of diagnosis, and because she failed her initial Induction Phase of treatment, she is being treated as a High Risk patient. However, even after an intense year of chemotherapy and many hospital stays, Emily has not lost her feisty, spunky spirit! Nicknamed Stitch (after the mischievous character in Lilo & Stitch), Emily charms doctors and nurses alike with her outgoing personality and bright smile. She has about one year of Maintenance treatment left.

Emily's support page:

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Meet Samuel

Samuel was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at just six years old. He has had intensive chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, stem cell transplant and differentiation agent isotretinoin. He finished his treatment two months ago but we have to start all over again. He is a very strong and brave boy.

Hope Session by : Bara A. Photography

Meet JD

JD was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor called Optic pathway Glioma brain tumor. We have been battling for over a year now. Our little trooper has battled and won!!! Last month we had a big day. We walked out if the clinic doors praying that this is JD's last chemo treatment!!

Hope Session by Lisa Hunderman's Photography

Meet Drake

Drake was diagnosed with Leukemia in July 2011. Since then he has demonstrated his strength, courage and fighter spirit fighting cancer. Drake in currently in maintenance and he takes chemo every day to keep his best chance of beating Leukemia. Drake is a very outgoing kid who you would never know is going through treatment at this time. He continues to amaze me at his ability to swallow pills daily, have a spinal tap almost every month, and when admitted continues to stay strong and happy. Drake has all the right qualities to demonstrate that he is still in control and cancer will never take life away from him. We have been blessed with a chance to fight cancer and grateful for the possible to allow for Drake to continue to live a long life. We are just trying to beat cancer one day at a time.

Drake's support page -

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