Meet Ava

Ava is a vibrant 5 year old that loves pink, dresses, barbies and all things girly! She loves to laugh and giggle and she is so silly. She loves playing with her little sister, Myla, even if she copies everything she does! Painting and coloring are some of her favorite things, along with watching Dora the Explorer. :D Ava has a brain tumor (Diffused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). Since this kind of tumor is so rare, her Mom and Dad had her in a clinical trial in Phoenix, sadly she had to be removed from it though, when they found new tumors in her spine and on her dura in her brain. She can't walk anymore but she is still smiling and laughing!
Images by: Morgan Kervin Photography
Video by: Morgan Kervin Photography & Jewels Avenue Photography

Update: Ava, the amazing girl that she was, fought hard, but lost her battle against cancer November 17, 2012.


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